Decennial Complete Bundle: Paperback, eBook & Audiobook


Bundle Includes:

  • Decennial by Max Fortune (Paperback)
  • Decennial Audiobook
  • Decennial eBook

Decennial is a fiction novel in which white police officers who get convicted of using excessive force during the black lives matter protests of 2020 are enrolled in the “Decennial” program instead of being sent to prison.  The Decennial Program is a virtual world in which the white officer become black citizens and face their racial biases head-on. The officers face new challenges and either reform or remain trapped in a world trying to survive the hardships of being black in America.

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In the Summer of 2020, the senseless killings of multiple Black American’s at the hands of police came to a tipping point, and Black Americans wanted their bruises acknowledged. A thunderous crescendo of Black America’s pain-filled voices arose from every corner of the nation. Unheard and unimportant for far too long, they were now ready to give their collective statement. That statement came in the way of The Black Lives Matter movement.

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, armies of police officers swarmed the streets set to diffuse peaceful protests and turn them into riots, resulting in the widespread use of excessive force against Black Americans.

The Black community had been negatively impacted by the merciless arm of the law, and the injustices doled out by the very police sworn to protect and serve them for far too long. White police officers begin to get convicted for using excessive force during the Black Lives Matter protests and are enrolled in “The Decennial Program,” a state-of-the-art virtual world, where the White officers become Black citizens, and come face-to-face with their own deep-seated racial biases, instead of being sent to prison.

Each officer faces a different challenge created by their own personal, racial biases and the collective consciousness the other officers bring into the Decennial Program. With every session, the White officers get a deeper look at how it feels to be Black in America. They undergo many of the trials and tribulations that minorities have to experience every day.

Will these hardened officers begin to see the pitfalls of their former views and reform, or remain trapped in a world trying to survive the hardships of being black in America?


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